The demo takes time to load

It’s a bit normal: it’s a file with sound, images, a lot of settings…

But the pre-loading time does not affect the fluidity of the serious game.

I have problems loading the demo with Safari

Ah. Safari… We like it, but it doesn’t do anything to…

Safari does not accept the default Web GL: it must be enabled. But it’s pretty simple.

Open the “Safari” menu and select “Preferences”. Click on the “Advanced” tab. Check the “show development menu in the menubar” field.

Then, in the “development” menu, select “experimental functions” and tick “Web animations” and “Web GL 2.0”.

Reload the demo.

I can not see the demo on my tablet or my Smartphone

This is a feature that will soon be introduced.

In the demo, I would like to have either the subtitles or the sound

This is quite possible: when the demo appears, you have at the top left an icon that represents several parallel lines. Click on it and you can change your options.

I have a specific request

Contact us: we will study the possibilities together.

The loading time is far too long

Alpha-DMSG does not require a “race beast” connected to an ultra-fast network. But there is a normal pre-download time that can be in the order of a few seconds, especially when the connection is slow: serious games contain images, sound, and many parameters.


On request, we can send you a time-limited file that you can read with the free Serious Factory player.