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Is this statistics site for you?

If you think that a good statistiques courseis always printed in black on a white background and full of weird signs that only a handful of insiders can decipher.

If you think video is the ultimate progress of pedagogy.

If you think it’s better to learn than to understand.

If you still spend the same amount on gas every week, last week it was 1.60 euros/l and this week it is at $ 1.40 /l, and you think it cost you on average $1.50 /l then:

  1. you’re wrong,
  2. We can do something for you.

Find out on our totally revamped, faster and simpler site.

Test an innovative learning experience with unique teachers:

  • they are always available, even if you prefer classes between 2 and 3 in the morning,
  • they are always smiling, no matter what the events,
  • they’re still patient, even though, really, you’ve decided not to understand anything,
  • they are not contagious.

Totally new, our courses are the opposite of pdf and videos:

  • they adapt to you, not the other way around,
  • Be Tom Cruise in“Edge of Tomorrow”or Bill Murray in“An Endless Day”:take advantage of your mistakes and improve with every try.

In 3 easily accessible modules, you will understand, practice and have fun with concepts that may seem difficult to you today:

  • centrality indicators (arithmetic, harmonic, geometric, weighted or unweighted averages)
  • dispersal indicators (variance, covariance, balance-reduction),
  • matrix calculation (addition, products, standard, determinants, own values, own vectors, etc.).

Totally free, each of these courses can be supplemented by countless practices.


So, will you be up to it?

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Interactive and bilingual statistics courses

Now your courses, corrected exercises and evaluations are available in two languages.
Do you know the statistics in French? Review them in English!
Do you know the statistics in English? Review them in French!
Don’t know the statistics? Choose your language of learning!

And during this particular period, the courses are completely free!