Free statistics and data mining courses based on serious games

Free courses to understand

basics of statistics and data mining

with an innovative and playful pedagogy:

Serious games!

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You chat with virtual friends.
You’re playing games.
You solve riddles.
That’s all!

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The course you follow depends on how you take part in the discussion with your new friends.

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These discussions only last a few minutes per term. You decide your learning rhythm.

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During these discussions, you learn without even realizing the notions of data mining, from the most elementary to the most elaborate.

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You’re not interested in all the notions?
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The arithmetic mean

Thaïs and Leo coach a junior basketball team that has just won its game, but narrowly: it’s time to become more professional and resort to statistics.

Thanks to the cards she made about the players, Thais proposes to start with the mean.

Find out with them how to calculate it.

Do digital or original exercises with random statements and you will have your certificate.

An riddle about arithmetic mean

An art enthusiast, Mr. Carpaccio wants to make sense of the placement of the statues he has just sculpted to represent his family.

Can you help him place them as he wishes and get your certificate?

The variance

This time, the basketball team coached by Thaïs and Leo lost: the use of the mean is not enough.

Thaïs has thought about it and suggests that the dispersion of values around the mean counts.

Follow them into Thaïs office to find out how to calculate variance.

Improve your practice with digital or original exercises, the statements are always different. You will be issued a certificate.

A riddle about variance

Barbapoil doesn’t want to get his feet wet. Will you be willing to sacrifice some of your loot to keep your life safe and get your certificate?

Serious games, really?

The covariance

There’s nothing like a walk near a waterfall to forget the statistics! Oh, really?

For your friends, this is an opportunity to talk about covariance. They’re incorrigible!

After the course, classic and original exercises will allow you to implement what you have learned. Your certificate is at the key…

A riddle about covariance

Professor Bemloco is threatening to destroy the planet.

Will you be able to thwart its pitfalls and neutralize its nuclear reactor to obtain your certification?


Even when they have a drink in a bar, Thaïs and Leo keep talking about statistics. Two strawberries are an opportunity to question the relevance of covariance. They come to build the center-reduction of variables. They’re just too good!

The regression line

Would a fishing party on Uncle Louis’ boat take us away from the statistics? Not if you wonder where the fish are! Knowing the direction they were going, you can get an idea of their positions. Provided you know how to manipulate a regression line…

In the end, you have access to exercises that are not always conventional to train and your certification.

A riddle about regression line

Lost in space, would you be able to use your statistical knowledge? This would be better, especially if you know the regression line. Oh, really!

If you succeed, you will get a certificate.

A game without a statement

Fascinating, this game has no statement. It will be up to you to discover the rules…

Our approach?

The basics of trigonometry

Louis invites his son Jeremiah, whose new position requires skills in trigonometry, in a pizzeria. This is an opportunity for Louis to explain to him what the sines, the cosines, the tangents are.


Riddle about trigonometry

A game of fishing or a pursuit in space does not escape trigonometry. Use your knowledge of sines, cosines, tangents to fill your pod… or save yourself!

Assess yourself to get your certificate.


A dynamic trigonometric circle

A trigonometric circle that rotates relentlessly, but at your leisure. You can choose a value, whether for angle, sines, cosines, tangent, and you will have the other values associated. A very visual calculator…

The basics of matrix calculation


Asna and Fatoumata introduce you to the main operations and calculations that can be achieved on matrices: transposition, addition, multiplication, norm, determinant, inversion, eigen values and vectors. They also show you their properties.


You can train with countless exercises and go into evaluation mode to get your certification.


An introduction to other ways to measure distances. Intuitively, you already know some of them…

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